Company Information


Management structure of The Copas Partnership

Partners: Tom A Copas & Brenda M Copas
Directors: Tanya S Copas, Fenella J Copas
Managing Director: Sarah S Copas

Management structure of Copas Traditional Turkeys

Directors: Tom A Copas, Brenda M Copas, Tanya S Copas, Fenella J Copas & Sarah S Copas

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Copas Partnerships Websites

Link to Copas Properties

For more information on our property portfolio of luxury offices, storage and residential buildings.

Link to Copas During Henley Royal Regatta

For everything you need to know about Our activities at Remenham Farm during Henley Royal Regatta.

Link to Copas Temple Island Events

A Very Very Special Riverside events venue at Henley on Thames.

Link to Copas Turkeys

Find out about our very, very special Turkeys and how to order them.